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Hello there!

My name is Emeline Brulé and I am a Ph.D. student in Human-Computer Interaction and sociology at the engineering school Télécom ParisTech. I work at the intersections of learning, assistive and health technologies with a participatory, community-based, approach. I am a fab-lab aficionada and I make 3D printed models for education, wearables and multisensory interactive maps. I am part of the ANR project Accessimap. I am a committee member of Design en Recherche, a network of French-speaking Design Ph.D. students, candidates, and young researchers.

Previously I worked on digital publishing, as a student researcher in EnsadLab. I have a master in Typography and Editorial design from the Ecole de Recherche Graphique (Brussels), and worked a few years as a UX/UI designer and digital projects manager. I own a hacked knitting machine. Occasionally, I blog on Zsociologie and Medium.

You can reach me by email, or find me on Twitter, HAL, Academia Edu and Google Scholar. Or even on Wikipedia.


During my PhD, I had the opportunity to teach engineering and design students for various institutions: Télécom ParisTech, Université Paris I, Université de Valenciennes, Campus la Fonderie de l'Image, the School of Design of Reims and the school of design ICAN.

I teach three main topics (through lectures, applied courses or workshops):

  • Design and Disability: with a focus on theory, web-accessibility, and participatory design
  • Design Methods: with a focus on ideation and prototyping
  • Design and Making: with a focus on frugal innovation

I used to teach:

  • UX/UI design: ideation and evaluation methods
  • Digital editions: design, tools, and small-scale production.


Latest news

01.2018 Accepted paper at ACM CHI 2018

Taking into account Sensory Knowledge: the case of Geo-techologies for children with visual impairments, by E. Brulé, and G. Bailly

12.2017 Our CHI workshop on Inclusive Education Technologies was accepted!

The Call for Participation is opened until 2018.01.26.

12.2017 Outreach: Publication of an advent calendar on Inclusive Design and Sociology

Every day, sharing one link or research article

02.2017 Outreach: Publication of an article on Ph.D. research

Interview by Camille Gévaudan, for the French newspaper Libération

05.2017 I won the Student Volunteer TeeShirt competition of CHI2017!
12.2016 Journal publication

Le sensible comme projet: regards croisés, by A. Borsari, and E. Brulé, Journal Hermès