Current position:

Since October 2014, I am a PhD Student in Media Studies, Design and Human-Computer Interaction, at the Social and Economic Sciences Department of Télécom ParisTech under the supervision of Annie Gentes (CoDesign Lab team, Paris, France) and Gilles Bailly (LTCI, Paris, France). I am part of the ANR project Accessimap. My researches focus on two subjects: wearables and assistive technologies. I also am a board member of Design en Recherche, network of french-speaking Design PhD students. Prior to my PhD thesis, I have worked as a freelance designer for various companies and have been part of EnsadLab. I graduated from Ecole de Recherche Graphique with a Master Degree in Design and Typography (2012).

Contact and social networks

You can reach me by email, or find me on Twitter, HAL, Academia Edu and Google Scholar.

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